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We from OSTHOFF & SANT’ANNA GOMES LAWYERS have identified over the time of our legal experience the endemic inability of the market to offer solutions for the client’s issues in a secure and efficient way. As a result of this dissatisfaction, we can see an increase of the perception that legal assistance is a cost many times disposable due to its failure to create the best possible result.


The usual market practice is limited to find a purely legal solution of the problems (based on safety), which usually are suits presented by the clients. Traditionally all the attention is focused on the litigation without a commitment to the best possible result (reduction of the probable and current suits and breach of contracts). The legal services organised in that way are miles away from optimization, presenting fundamental results but not capable of its maximization. However this scenario is the traditional way of practicing law in Brazil.


OSTHOFF & SANT’ANNA GOMES LAWYERS overcomes the ordinary market practice adding to it the seek for the maximization of our client’s result. To achieve this goal we work together on the most important issue for management: the starting point is the direct advice on the making decision, giving instructions to the client at all times about the available solutions according to the business proposed, warning the him/ her about the risks and responsibilities and ponting viable directions. The goal is to foresee the issues in a preventive way, helping the client to close operations that were unlikely before.

This preventive contribution aims to work together with the management in order to reach the best possible business and characterizes the pioneer ideology of this law office, which is the reflexion of ideals for a new legal practice in the market, spread and professed by its members since foundation.


Through our vision of the advocacy market we reinvented the most traditional legal service delivering to our clients a new concept of law. Based on proactive work we seek for the best solution all the time, offering a personalised service and specialised on the problem presented by the client. In such a way, aiming to offer the awakening of a new national legal market practice, with reduced bureaucracy, lower costs and more efficient.



The main basis of OSTHOFF & SANT’ANNA GOMES LAWYERS is efficiency and meritocracy, because the office recognises that the development of a 'new market practice' starts from the inside to the outside. Through its company management system, the office encourages its members to ongoing improvement efforts, allowing them to think in a disruptive way. This leads to the presentation of innovative legal solutions that were unthinkable before.

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